Bugsmirror: Redefining OS Security | Next-Gen Protection for Your Products

Bugsmirror, India’s premier Research-Based Security Services Company, is revolutionizing Operating System Level Security. As the world's top contributor to Google’s Android Vulnerability Reward Program in 2021 and 2022, Bugsmirror discovered and submitted over 400 security vulnerabilities. Recognized by tech giants like Google, Samsung, and Meta, Bugsmirror specializes in OS-level research and development, offering innovative security solutions to fix security vulnerabilities for national and international clients across diverse sectors. With a track record of over 1200 reported security vulnerabilities, including 80+ critical ones, and knowledge across 20+ research areas of Android security, Bugsmirror ensures the utmost protection for your critical data. Bugsmirror is not only dedicated to identifying vulnerabilities but also to providing guidance and support in navigating security challenges. As your trusted partner in security, Bugsmirror offers expert security advice and DevSecOps solutions to enhance your product's security posture. Whether you need assistance with security audits, proof-of-concept for the reproduction of bugs, or implementing security guidelines, Bugsmirror is here to help. Moreover, Bugsmirror strengthens product security through extensive security research. With a focus on research expertise, Bugsmirror aims to fortify product security and stay ahead of emerging threats. By partnering with Bugsmirror, you gain access to cutting-edge security solutions and unparalleled expertise to safeguard your digital assets. Explore Bugsmirror Defender, an advanced mobile app security solution leveraging cutting-edge Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) technology. Additionally, Bugsmirror provides comprehensive security services to address your specific needs and challenges. Partner with Bugsmirror today to bolster your product security and navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape with confidence.

We Redefine Operating System Level Security!